The WORST Valentines Day Gifts

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, hopefully you’ve already gotten the love of your life something special. If not, the pressure is on. Unless of course you are the ones claiming you don’t celebrate it because it’s a “made up holiday” or you “don’t need a special day to show your love”. I don’t know why, but people tend to buy cheesy and unique gifts on Valentines Day. Luckily, it’s one of those “Holidays” where you don’t need to do that. Just stick to the classics… that’s why they’re called classics. Ya know, the typical dinner, flowers, and jewelry. Maybe even make it extra special and do the whole homemade dinner, wine, and alone time thing! Or maybe you even go over board and treat it like it’s their birthday (clothes, a new ipad… etc). Anyways, here is a list of things that you should NOT be getting your boyfriend or girlfriend tomorrow.

1. “Love Coupons” – These are not cute anymore. Even if it is homemade. Giving your girlfriend a coupon that says “one free back rub” or “I’ll do the dishes tonight” is not a gift. These are things that you should be doing with out a coupon reminder.

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