Girls Don’t Like When Their Boyfriends Do This…

138571874 Girls Dont Like When Their Boyfriends Do This...

I did this topic on my show the other night and I learned when guys do this it really bothers their girlfriends, and I can see why because when I had a girlfriend it bothered me when she did it.

I was talking on the radio the other night to girls who are bothered by their boyfriends having passwords on their phones… Do you really need a password on your phone if you are not hiding anything? To me I always thought it was shady when my gf kept a password on her phone. I trusted her but at the same time it made my mind wonder a lot. It appears I am not alone on this judging by all the calls I got. Does your boyfriend have a password on his phone? does that bother you?

  • Kia

    It doesnt bother me because me and my husband both have passwords on our phones! I just like to know that i have some sort of privacy in my life because i share everything but this is one thing i can keep to myself!

  • Shelandra

    No he doesn’t and he know the password to mine. Having a pass on it phone doesn’t mean it hiding something from the person you love it just means ur protecting ur info in case your ph. Is stolen

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