This Week I learned All Girls Do This

girl 987 This Week I learned All Girls Do This

On my show this week I learned all girls do this… I didn’t know this were true until this week, and no I am not talking about making the Duck face on Facebook in which most girls feel that makes them attractive when it doesn’t. I ran into a girl at the bar last week and when the bouncer stopped her so he could check her ID it’s what she did after that that made me talk to her because I had to ask if this is something all girls do, turned out it is.

I had girls call into the show at 313-298-9870 to let me know what they keep in their bra. When I saw this girl pull her ID out of her bra I instantly thought, this will make a great show topic. It seems girls keep everything in their bras, Cell Phones, Tampons, Money, Lip Gloss (I also learned lip gloss goes in the middle) who woulda thought!? Girls also keep there ID’s in their bra. Not in a perverted way but when ever I see a girl in public, I always wonder, what could she be storing in there?

  • Deana

    I always keep my money and my ID in my bra since it’s easier then bringing a purse to lose lol

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