Hangover Remedies

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Because Today is Super Sunday we know there will be many parties taking place which normally means many alcoholic drinks will be drank. On Friday I had people call in with their remedies to prevent hangovers. Some of these I had heard of some of them I have never heard of, I guess will both find out tomorrow if any of them work because we have work.

Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a paid day off from work, I think so, but it’s now so since you have to work tomorrow as do I. Here are the remedies people called in and gave me on Friday.

1. Drink a glass of Milk after you stop drinking alcohol

2. Before you start drinking take a 5 hour energy drink

3. Don’t Drink

4. Take an Alka-seltzer before and after you drink

5. Drink as many glasses of water as you do beer

6. A Red Gatorade after you drink

7. My Brother said he puts a towel over his head? he’s an idiot don’t take his advice

8. My Mom Claims popsicles work

9. 2 Tylenol the next morning

10. My Friend Adam say’s “Don’t Wake Up”

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