I Was Told To Never Date Girls With These Names

mandy I Was Told To Never Date Girls With These Names

  • ghetto b*tch

    That’s dumb

  • Lizz

    i feel theres alot in a name.. or whatever name you choose to go by.. it reflects who you are! and every girl ive know with those three names have been trashy and backstabbing

  • http://maggiemaeijustsaythis.wordpress.com Maggie Mae I

    hahhahahah…Im so in agreement and I think you should add the name HEATHER to that list!

  • Rose

    I can’t agree with the name Ashley… but DEFINITELY stay away from the other names on this list… ESPECIALLY the Mandy’s… speaking from personal experience… trashy and backstabbing…

    • tiffany

      i was raised on a small farm and grew up working hard and was raised to respect even the most judgemental of people. my bad i was born in the 8o’s and was givin a typical 80’s name…? i was also raised to be prepaired for the times that uneducated people would look for reasons to look down there nose at me. your calling me trashy, backstabbing and bratty because at 3 hours old i was giving a name that i myself did not choose…i wasn’t aware there was a spell that cursed my name. i am by no means trash my dear, and bend over backwards to help thoes in need even if it means being taken advantage of. i am the first one my friends go to for advise and a shoulder to lean on i donate money and time to help several organizations and volenteer at my sons school! i have only kind things to say about the people i surround myself with being that they are all accomplished honest and well rounded people. i have never said anything behind someones back that i would not say to thier face because honesty and integraty are the 2 most important things to me. i also have 3 degrees and an iq of 148. i am well put together well spoken and undeniably witty. when you can say the things about yourself that i have said about me then judge but until then do not call me trashy based on my name!

      • Elizabeth

        I would like to agree with you Tiffany. My daughter Ashley is one me the most generous people I have ever met. At five years old she surprised many people even her teacher is amazed at her constant compassion and empathy go the classroom :-)

  • Brittany

    Well, at least I have a reason now when people ask why I’m single…

  • anna

    that’s retarded, Ashley is one of the most common names, so is Brittany and Tiffany, so that’s summing up a lot of people just because a few are trashy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Josephrichardparkerjr.imissyou Amber Dionne

    sense of humor ladies…. i hope you dont take this garbage serious. its funny tho.

  • Brittany

    My boyfriend would disagree lol

  • Emily

    I think everyone has their own opinion… I disagree with Ashley, all the Ashley’s I know are super nice. I only know one person named Tiffany who was a complete b**** so that name was kind of ruined for me. Mandy is also short for Amanda & all the Mandy’s/Amanda’s I know are skanks, all the girls I know with the name Brittany have all been super unattractive… & Becky…. idk anyone with that name… I think there’s a lot of other names to add to the list if we’re going to be fair.

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