Is That REALLY You On Facebook?

If  you thought Facebook was a good way to wind down after a long day, and thought you could escape real life on it, you’re mistaken.  A new study shows that there is a close connection with your true feelings and how you act on Facebook.

According to, there has been a recent study that says:

self-reported personality traits are accurately reflected in online social networks such as Facebook.

 Now, I don’t know if I fall for that! I know a ton of people that make stuff up on Facebook just to try to score with women. What do you think? Read the whole study, at

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  • http://yahoo steve maniaci

    Which part on face book? Do you want to really know. If I can love? Yes I can. If I hoe around no . If I have lots of friends? I have people who think they know me. Can I be trusted? Yes I can. I’m interested in having true friendships that last a life time. This is true. I love and, Do not see color I’m smart funny . I love roll playing . people don’t talk to me probably because, They don’t know me. I don’t really know how FB works . And I like to express my feelings cus I’m shy. I’m mature act silly. I’m looking four real friends. I’m interested in and facinated in people that like to achive as I do. 4 friendship . I’m goal oriented.I’m doing things to better my live and enjoy this radio station. I don’t have a women that I come home to.I would possibly date occasionaly. I’m bussy going to school, working and helping other less fortunate than I.i believe in god. things on my FB interests are true. And hobbies. This is not public information. I’m only telling yous this because I cosider yous friends. Anything else just ask. Because half the time I don’t know who I’m talking to there. At the station. Ok have a nice day.

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