Teen Mom Recap: Baby Daddy Starts Rap Career

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with MTV’s hit series Teen Mom 2 like we have been! In last night’s episode there was the typical baby mama/daddy drama.

Quick recap: Chelsea got her own place (that her dad is paying for) and is still having problems with her on and off again boyfriend, Adam. She also got a job at a tanning salon… but still doesn’t have her GED. Janelle is still high, making poor decisions, moved in with some random old friend, and is getting back together with Kieffer. Oh, and Kieffer is still wearing that same green hoodie he’s had on since the beginning of the season. Corey and Leah still don’t know what is wrong with their baby Ali and Corey can’t seem to get that camouflage hat off of his head. Kailyn is still working her minimum wage job with her new boyfriend. Her baby daddy Jo got hit with child support papers and he is NOT happy about Kailyn’s decision. Now he has to take $500 a month out of his check – who is going to fund his music career?

Jo has proven to be a very responsible father so is he going to put a halt on his “music career” to pay child support? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what his priorities are. In the mean time, check out his exclusive new video “Unthinkable Remix” featuring Nick B.


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