Top 5 TV Shows Of All Time

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tv1 Top 5 TV Shows Of All Time

It was very hard to compile this list and narrow it to 5 because I like to watch a lot of TV. I think you will agree with me on most of these and if you don’t agree that is fine… I don’t expect you to like every thing I like but it is tough to argue that these aren’t the best TV shows of all time.

5. Seinfeld  -  Just barely beating out Full House, it was a tough decision for me but It would be impossible for Seinfeld not to make my list… It is arguably the best show off all time but I have it at number 5 on my list… It was a show about nothing and it was one of a kind. I always wanted a neighbor like Kramer. The one thing I never understood is how Jerry and Elaine continued to be great friends after they broke up, I find it impossible to be friends with an ex but props to them! What show is number 4????

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