Latest On Rihanna And Chris Brown

So what’s with all the Rihanna and Chris Brown rumors? Is there any truth to the rumor they are getting back together?

I have no idea. But I did find this article which breaks down where all rumors are coming from and why. Hopefully this helps.

  • KKLV

    lol rihanna forgives him, and we all should and stop bringing up the past but yeah we know that everybody will forget it but alwys remember, let them live their life. everybody deserve a second chance in life to work things out with your friend/boyfriend becuz they are still not closure there. u can really see it on their tweets they didn’t break-up they were force apart, that incident happened when they were young, sometimes if your young you make mistakes, but if you were an adult and learn from that mistake , it will make a better person but media/fans/haters are to be blamed they take too far, it was not chaotic their 1st relationship but they a really great chemistry/relationship, but people need to stop judging them becuz if they want to rekindle again, let them be becuz they love each other and they don’t want to be with someone that they don’t love :) 1st never dies true love never fade, it’s like they are meant to be together forever.

  • michelle

    let them live their life i agree if they want to get back together its fine is their business so be happy for them

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