Display Weather In iPhone Lock Screen

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Courtesy of Lock Screen Weather

Courtesy of Lock Screen Weather

While the iPhone has everything, sometimes it isn’t the easiest to navigate.  One of the hardest features of the phone is to dig deep to display the weather.  Something that I always wanted was an easy app that I don’t even have to access to see what the weather forecast is going to be.  Now, with this new app, you don’t even have to unlock your phone to check it out!

According to, the new app, Lock Screen Weather, has it all!  Most apps that put the weather on the lock screen, iPhone users had to jailbreak their phone.  Now, just a quick download will give you the feature you want.

According to the site, the way around it is:

The way it works is by playing a silent track through the iPod app, then using the album art for the track to display the weather based on locations you set within the app settings. Because of the dynamic abilities of how album art is displayed in the iPod app, and subsequently shown whenever you lock your iPhone or iPod touch, this app essentially tricks the iPhone into displaying updated Lock screen weather without breaking any of Apple’s strict developer guidelines.

Read more about the app at
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