Host Your Own NYE Party – Before And After Planning

If you are planning on having the party at your place or if you plan on going out, be safe! Do not drink and drive and do not allow your loved ones to drink and drive either! It is not worth risking anyone’s life, so plan ahead. Here is a list of some local “sober cabs” that you can call when you need a sober designated driver.

Sober Cabs

Everyone looking forward to New Years Eve is never looking forward to the hangover the next day. Whether you are one of the unlucky ones that have to work the next day or you would just like to be a functioning human being, take a look at these hangover remedies. Or you can feel like death all day and try to sleep it off. Either way, we want to help you have a successful night with out regretting it the next day. If you try any of these out and they work – let us know!

Hangover Remedies


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