Kwame Moves Into A New House Bigger Then The Manoogian Mansion!!!

So Kwame Kilpatrick told the courts and the city of Detroit that he was BROKE!!! Therefore, he could only afford to pay the City of Detroit $160/month of the $860,000 he owes. So why did he and his family just move into a home that is bigger then the Manoogian Mansion!!???!!!

Kwame’s new Dallas suburban home is 5,000-square-ft home and is worth $327,000 and a would rent for approximately $2,900 a month!!!!!

The home is 1,000 square feet larger than the Manoogian Mansion, the home where Kilpatrick lived as mayor, and has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

But wait….Kwame still owes the city of Detroit around $860,000 in restitution but claimed that he was BROKE!  So a new flexible payment program with Texas parole officials, has him paying $160 per month towards the restitution. The News reports it would take Kilpatrick around 448 years to pay back the city of Detroit under this plan.

SMDH @ Kwame!!!


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