Hilarious German DJ Critiques Americans!

daddylonglegs Hilarious German DJ Critiques Americans!

German DJ Flula Borg critiques American Slang

Flula Borg, a German hiphop and techno DJ, is most recently a popular vlogger who has achieved YouTube fame over the last few weeks thanks to a series of videos in which he rips on the English language. Don’t take offense quite yet, as the guy is pretty hilarious. Known as DJFlula on YouTube, Flula Borg has videos ranging from a rant about why the daddy long leg is named the way it is, to talking about the idiom “Like shooting fish in a barrel” and how it doesn’t make sense, among many other things. He does make some godo points, but he’s also very hilarious. I’m not quite sure whether to take him seriously or not, but either way, you get a good laugh. I know I already posted the one video about the Daddy Long Legs, but it’s so worth another watch. Enjoy and let me know which video is your favorite and whether you agree with his points of view on the American language.

About a week ago, Flula asked the question, “Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That?”  Barrels are from 18-something…where can you even get a barrel these days?  Check out that video below and click here to see Flula wax philosophical on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Now check out ‘Flula in Germany’ (a music video) below:


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