Sex In The City 3 Movie And A Prequel TV Sitcom Both A Go???

Sex and the City movie image Sex In The City 3 Movie And A Prequel TV Sitcom Both A Go???

I guess you just can’t get enough of Sex In The City…at least that’s what some people believe because they just can’t seem to let the show stay a classic and R.I.P.

Sarah Jessica Parker reports that a 3rd Sex In The City movie is in the works!!! Also, we’ve recently learned that a prequel TV sitcom spin off is a go to be seen on the CW!  Yep, get ready for “The Carrie Diaries”, it will be based on a teenage Carrie Bradshaw and her awkward years as a Senior in high-school in the 80’s.

I feel like some shows should just be left alone….Would you be interested in watching this?

  • abichica

    I agree with you, they should just let the show go, i mean it was an awesome show, a classic, resurrection it and making the carrie diaries will just spoil it.. but on the movie, i would love to watch the next one.. i loved the first 2. :-D

  • Sarah Holmes

    I wouldn’t mind a 3 movie but not the TV show

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