Shay Shay Survey: 5 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

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shayshaysurvey 385x240 Shay Shay Survey: 5 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

I think it’s safe to say that it has happened to all of us before if you’re old enough to have entered the crazy world of dating…..THE BREAK-UP!!! And I know some can be crazy and extremely painful….but as much as we sometimes want to, it’s really not a good idea to just lose it! They are the Top 5 things you should NEVER do after a break-up!!!

1. Call him every time you think about him. Be strong ladies….BE STRONG!!!!

2. Share every up and down of your emotional roller coaster on Facebook. -Don’t do this EVER….break up or bliss!!!

3. Get a haircut - Ummm, yeah….I’ve never heard of this before

4. Throw yourself into the arms of another guy. – Especially his best friend ladies…..NOT a good idea

5. Try to be “just friends” right away. - I have no idea how some people are friends with almost everyone they used to date…I’m not good with that one at all!!!!

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