Did Selena Gomez Get Bieber Inked???

124750698 Did Selena Gomez Get Bieber Inked???

Ummmmm….PLEASE….PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE….say it isn’t so. PLEASE tell me that Selena Gomez did not get a tatoo of Justin Bieber ‘s name on her!!!! Maybe JB has found “Somebody To Love”

Gotta take a closer look at this….

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Tattoo Did Selena Gomez Get Bieber Inked???

Gotta be FAKE…is that T fading???? Yeah, drawn on for sure!!!!

selena gomez justin bieber tattoo 1 Did Selena Gomez Get Bieber Inked???

  • http://chicpress.wordpress.com abichica

    wooowww!!! i also really hope she didn’t do that..

  • ella

    selena grow up k justin bieber met to write ur name on his rist but we love to put justin on ur own rist please tell me tht is ink not tatoo
    love u selena

  • mikaila jayley

    its just sharpie. u can tell my the detail. my sister does tattoos and piercings for a living so i’ve seen a lot of the work. that’s really obvious that it’s just a sharpie or other kind of permanent marker. plus, selena isn’t that stupid to get his name tattooed on her wrist. and besides, if it were a tattoo, the artist probably would’ve stenciled the heart to make it look perfect whereas the heart isn’t perfect and kind of lopsided (no offense to the artist of the heart).

  • Ted

    Its just a Sharpie marker

  • patty

    i hate selena gomez she is so stupid and i want her to read this because her relashinship is fake all it is is for publicity and justin doesnt even love he loves someone else

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