Do you remember last week when allegedly there was a prototype iPhone 5 stolen from a bar in San Francisco? Well, wether that alleged story was actually true or not, the story most definitely caused a media stir in anticipation of the actual product, which still has yet to come out. When you combine that with the other story of the pre-release of the iPhone 4 that mysteriously disappeared in a different California bar last year, you’re definitely asking for a parody. I mean, that’s just ridiculous. Who else better to create such a parody than Conan O’Brien? He accepted the challenge, which naturally, enraged Apple employees demand for the device to be returned. They go on, in no uncertain terms, to describe the many ways they’ve devised to “punish” the thief. After all, this isn’t Conan’s first (or last) time poking some fun at Apple. Enjoy the video below:

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