Barobo’s iMobot To Take Over The World

imobot bear modular robotics Barobos iMobot To Take Over The World

Barobo’s iMobot modular robotics system launched earlier this year and the people behind it recently shipped the first in August. The actual kit is primarily only being delivered to Universities and can be programmed to do just about anything. If you stock up on a couple, you can produce full-on humanoids, a camera-toting rescue snake or something else that’ll undoubtedly take over the world a few centuries from now. Each robotic piece runs for $2,000 and is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth and a couple of sensor ports that allow for rangefinders and proximity modules to be stacked on as well. The software program written for the teddy bear allowed it to “learn” movements that were dictated by the human holding it, and once the latest cheer was burned into its cotton-filled brain, a simple button press played things out in fantastical fashion. Have a look at the video below. You won’t be disappointed.

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