Shay Shay Survey: Undateable….Top 10 List

shayshaysurvey 385x240 Shay Shay Survey: Undateable....Top 10 List

Dating Dealbreakers!!!! I want to compile a top 10 list of things that make a man and a woman undateable…(is that a word?) Oh well, it is now!

Some responses from the men include…

A bag lady…you have to much baggage from previous relationships

You won’t let him hang with his friends

A woman that FARTS in her sleep!!! LMBO with that one!

If mom doesn’t like you

A bad kisser

Some responses from the women include….

Guys who have longer nails then you do.

Guys who take longer to get ready then you do

Long nasty hairy toes

Guys that are big flirts

and then there was this….

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