Spice Girl Criticizes Rihanna

77943151 Spice Girl Criticizes Rihanna

Mel C, former Spice Girl, says she’s a huge fan of Rihanna….but there is one thing she doesn’t approve of and ironically, the Spice Girls were criticized for this very thing!

For being too sexual for her young audience.  ”People have to take some responsibility because we’ve got to a point where over-sexualization of young children has gone too far,” Mel C told the Daily Mail. “I think music is a big part of that. Women in music, very successful women, are extremely sexual and they have young fans. It is inappropriate.

“Rihanna has responsibility and although culture’s always changing, it’s changed too much. It needs to be dealt with. It’s reached saturation point, we owe it to our kids to protect them. “Rihanna’s free to do as she pleases, of course, but I think her take on the criticism she’s had is interesting.”

Mel C continues to say,  ”I love Rihanna, I think she’s a f****** brilliant artist, with great songs, a great record and she looks fantastic… but she’s not a mum. Maybe if she becomes one she’ll feel different. I hope so anyway.”


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