President Obama To Start Tweeting!

obama featured President Obama To Start Tweeting!

People like President Barack Obama have a team of people for things like engaging with voters via social media platforms. This is definitely true for the President, who has had a team keeping up his Twitter and Facebook for quite some time now. However, he is going to start tweeting himself, during the 2012 campaign trail. Every time he tweets personally, he’ll sign the tweet “-BO.” People who follow @BarackObama and those who ‘Like’ the Barack Obama Facebook Page will receive more regular updates from the campaign trail. Obama’s campaign team will continue to report what he is doing every day and connecting to his millions of supporters. The team will also be looking for feedback and ideas from voters, provide updates on how to get involved in the election campaign, sharing interesting stories and possibly even retweeting messages from followers. Obama has over 8.6 million followers on Twitter and potentially even more who will hash tag #Obama2012, whether they’re a supporter or not.


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