Cheap Father’s Day Gifts Made From Everyday Things

So you wanted to give your pops something meaningful for Father’s Day, but are short on cash/time/effort? Here are a few projects you can do fairly quickly, for very little money… in fact, you probably have these items at home!

Idea 1: Gift your dad a new pet… sort of.

Take a cue from fancy cruise lines and fold for your father something cuddly and useable… a towel animal!

Idea 2: Build your dad a boat.

OK… you already know that the title of this post mentions the word “cheap”, so we aren’t recommending that you run out and purchase a yacht or catamaran. However, you can BUILD your dad a boat. Out of toothpicks! (Note: it may not be as complex as the one depicted in the video)

Idea 3: Play bouncy ball with your Dad.

With what ball? Do you have to go out and buy it? Heck, no! Grab your collection of loose rubber bands and make your own! Those wide rubber bands from broccoli stalks are especially helpful!

Idea 4: Offer your father one-of-a-kind art.

You might have done some of these crafts in elementary school… but that fact that tissue paper and dried beans are effective artists’ media hasn’t changed. Assemble a bean mosaic or tissue paper collage and use your creativity, which is absolutely priceless.

Idea 5: Make your Dad custom Trail Mix

Combine nuts, dried fruits, granola or cereal bits (and candy, if your Dad has a sweet tooth) to make a delicious and cost effective custom trail mix (aka Gorp). The snack is great for fathers-on-the-go. Also, remember the old adage, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’


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