Doomsday Alert: Top Ten ‘End Of The World’ Flicks

planet of the apes Doomsday Alert: Top Ten End Of The World Flicks

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Depending on whether or not you believe in evangelical preacher Harold Camping‘s prediction that the world is said to fall to pieces tomorrow May, 21st, it never hurts to learn from the movies in case of a looming doomsday disaster. Check out the top “end of the world” movies through the years and add your favorite doomsday flicks to the list!Planet of the Apes (1968) — Charlton Heston stars in the original end of the world thriller about an astronaut lost a space only to return to an Earth overrun by highly evolved apes that take the humans hostage.War of The Worlds (1953/2005) — Either version you prefer, this film adapted from the popular H.G. Wells novel and brooding Orson Wells radio broadcast made us want to run for the hills and take cover from the horrific alien invasion.


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