60,000 Thank Yous

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thankyou 60,000 Thank Yous

A very awesome thing in a short amount of time happened today.  60,000 of Detroit’s best fans “LIKED” The New 98.7 Amp Radio’s facebook page!  We can not thank you all enough for making the switch!  We wanted to thank someone in particular though.  The 60,000th person that clicked “Like” on the 98.7 Amp Radio facebook page… brookelynn 60,000 Thank Yous

Congratulations to the unsuspecting best friends Brookelynn and Paige! Brookelynn was the 60,000th facebook friend to click “like” on the 98.7 Amp Radio page. Brookelynn and Paige say they both love Rhianna so we thought what better way to say thank you and celebrate the accomplishment by sending them to see Rhianna! Moral of this story? When you “Like”, comment, or poke us you never know what you’ll get!  If you have not done so already, please click “like” below:
164701664923.2548.2080310384 60,000 Thank Yous

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