An Easier Way To Purchase Girl Scout Cookies!

girlscoutthinmints An Easier Way To Purchase Girl Scout Cookies!

It’s inevitable that technology will eventually hit everyone and everything in due time. Unfortunately for those of us trying to get in shape for Spring and Summer, the Girl Scouts have discovered an easier way to sell you those amazingly addicting cookies… through an iPhone. Beginning this year, the Girl Scouts of America will be taking payments for their annual cookie sales through Intuit’s GoPayment app, which is available on iOS. That means that if you decide to give in to that Tagalong or Thin Mint on your way out of the grocery store, and you’re out of cash, you can swipe your credit card straight into the Girl Scout’s device. The organization is getting a break from Intuit on the credit card fees, and interested troops are getting a free reader to use during the cookie drive. The iPhone has been a useful tool in many payment systems recently and is only continuing to grow. But you must beware of one thing: once you start consuming those Girl Scout cookies, you can’t stop!


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