Is Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ The Real Deal?

Of course, where there’s hate on the internet, there will be parodies, remixes and covers songs. It didn’t take long before YouTube was inundated with haters and lovers alike commenting and posting their own creative takes on “Friday.” From acoustic guitar covers to dubstep remixes to the chipmunk-infused parodies, there’s something to tickle everyone’s funny bone… as if the original wasn’t funny enough.

Watch a cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” below:

If there’s so much hate for the track why are we paying so much attention to it? The answer is simple: the song is catchy! The lyrics may be ridiculous and the clip may contain some of the worst acting caught on video, but it’s annoyingly catchy. You’ll probably find yourself singing or humming along to the pop tune, much like Miley Cyrus‘ “Party In The USA” or Justin Bieber‘s “Baby.” Admit it… you’re guilty of singing along. We all have been at some point.Will Rebecca Black make it big? Only time will tell. But if she has your attention now, she’ll probably have it again if and when she chooses to deliver tracks for every other day of the week.


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