Is Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ The Real Deal?

The general reaction to Rebecca’s song has been negative since the video’s release on Friday evening. Most people seem to believe it’s a big joke. Interestingly, the hate has only fueled Rebecca’s popularity. The teenager has been a trending topic on Twitter all weekend and remains atop the list today. Even Nick and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers quoted lyrics from the song on Twitter.joe jonas Is Rebecca Blacks Friday The Real Deal?nick jonas Is Rebecca Blacks Friday The Real Deal?The video for the track is fairly normal for a singer her age: hanging out with friends, taking a joyride and having a good time at a party. What really gets people about the track are the lyrics. ”Yesterday was Thursday/today it is Friday/tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterward,” explains the singer on the song’s hook. Is she serious? You bet she is!That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ridiculous lyrics included on this track. “… front seat back, back seat, which seat should I take?!,” contemplates the teen about the car’s seating arrangement. Or this gem about deciding what to have for breakfast: ”Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal.” It all sounds pretty ridiculous.

  • josh

    its no joke. i think its posted by some joke of a label that have rich kids parents pay for a music video. this one is hilarious.

  • Brigitte

    I figure it isn’t a joke, but it is still awful. The only reason she has gotten so many hits is because people go there to make fun of her. That’s how I heard about her: through friends that were saying, “seriously? that’s not art.” Anyone could sing that song. But the fact that it was even written in the first place is just sad. Basically, the music industry just helped some 13 year old girl become hated by most of the world, and even when she’s older, after she has had an INKLING of training, no one will take her seriously.

    Some advice, RB: get out of the industry. You aren’t ready for it.

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