Is Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ The Real Deal?

Rebecca Black (Photo via YouTube)If you’ve been surfing the internet over the past 72 hours you have probably come across the name Rebecca Black. Maybe you even watched the video for her single “Friday.” And I bet after watching the clip you asked yourself, “Is this a joke?”Don’t worry, many people are scratching their heads over the 13-year-old’s music video. Despite the online criticism Rebecca’s received, it’s taken her from obscurity to viral video stardom in just one weekend.Rebecca’s video appropriately surfaced on YouTube Friday of last week. The video got around 4,000 viewers by the end of the day. Word spread like wildfire on Twitter and blogs all over the web. Today, Rebecca’s video stands at just over 2.5 millions views. Not bad for a weekend’s work!But who is this budding teen singer? Why does everyone think this is a joke? And why are so many people hating on the youngster? Well, if you haven’t watched the video, let’s get you up to speed.

Watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video below:

  • josh

    its no joke. i think its posted by some joke of a label that have rich kids parents pay for a music video. this one is hilarious.

  • Brigitte

    I figure it isn’t a joke, but it is still awful. The only reason she has gotten so many hits is because people go there to make fun of her. That’s how I heard about her: through friends that were saying, “seriously? that’s not art.” Anyone could sing that song. But the fact that it was even written in the first place is just sad. Basically, the music industry just helped some 13 year old girl become hated by most of the world, and even when she’s older, after she has had an INKLING of training, no one will take her seriously.

    Some advice, RB: get out of the industry. You aren’t ready for it.

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