Filling Out Your NCAA Bracket 101: Tip #4

110041752 Filling Out Your NCAA Bracket 101: Tip #4

The  NCAA Basketball Gods have spoken, the brackets are in and March Madness is here….. and everyone in the office is talking about it and you want to get in on the bracket pool.  Well…you need some tips to help you make some semi-intelligent decisions while making your picks. Remember that NCAA Tournament Brackets are part Art, part Science and part Luck!  Your chances of correctly picking every game are 1 in 5.7 billion….but here is tip #4 to help assist you in filling out your bracket…

Tip #4 – The top three seeded teams are  very powerful in the NCAA Tournament. Top three seeds have won 18 of the last 21 titles.Beyond the top 3 seedings, most teams do not have a shot at the National Title. One title has been won by a number 4, 6 and 8 respectively. No other seed has won the tournament.

Translation = Don’t pick team that’s seeded higher then #3 to win it all!



One Comment

  1. kevinjfisher says:

    I agree, gotta play the percentages here. Sometimes people try to hard to get that sleeper pick. Though if there is a year where a sleeper could make a run, this is it. So basically, who knows?

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