Twitter: Rihanna Vs. Ciara

Rihanna Ciara

Last week there was another Twitter battle via Twitter. This definitely isn’t the first. We’ve seen battles involving Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, and many more. Now, to add to that list of celebrities who use Twitter as their battle field, R&B superstars Rihanna and Ciara. The fight started when Ciara was a guest on E! Network’s Fashion Police and she said that Rihanna was “not so nice.” Check out the video on exactly what she said:

Apparently Rihanna saw that, went to Twitter, called Ciara a ‘skripper’ and then attempted to punk her. Then, allegedly, Rihanna was forced to issue a ‘fake’ apology to Ciara, by her publicist. So why would Ciara say those things on TV to begin with? Again, allegedly, during the All Star Weekend, Rihanna was part of the VIP section of LeBron James and Jay Z’s two king’s party, among other celebrities and LeBron’s fiance Savannah. Ciara was not part of this VIP party, probably since she dated LeBron at one point. She tried to crash the VIP party which Rihanna and others thought was classless and disrespectful, not only to LeBron, but to his Fiance Savannah as well. Here’s an idea, girls, GROW UP!


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