Are You SPENT? Or Did You Make It Through The Month?

homeless simulation

Have you ever wondered how people wind up homeless? Recently, as most people know, a homeless man was given a second chance, doing commercial voice overs even though he used to be a radio broadcaster and announcer. Surprisingly to some, it’s quite easy to become homeless. Try living off minimum wage for a month, with no savings, and see how close you come. There’s a new game, and I hate to call it a game, maybe a simulator, rather, to find out what it takes to become homeless or make it through the month. The “game” is called SPENT and it’s designed to test how well you’d fare if you were out of a job and low on money. Can you make it through the month? It’s a simple concept, really. You can play the game by clicking here. Accept the challenge, and play for a month. The game give you three scenarios for work options, whether that’s what you really do or not.  To be a temp worker you need to pass a typing test. The other two options will let you start right away, so at least you don’t have to worry about unemployment in this scenario. Believe it or not, you can pass or fail the typing test as a temp worker. Once you’ve got a job, you need to choose the most affordable housing. It’s not as easy as you think. As you play the game, costs are taken out and when you get paid, your bank goes up a little, but it’s never a lot. You make decisions throughout the game and they can be both good and bad for your personal well being (in the game, of course). After each of these decisions you’re reminded of the reality of these choices. Try playing the game to give yourself a reality check about homelessness or to help you gauge the consequences of the choices you would make if you were in the same situation. There’s not a lot of online money management games appropriate for adults. Maybe there should be more! Let me know how you did when you finish the game. Did YOU make it through the month?


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