Fan Of The Week: Shannon!

Fan of the Week - Shannon

Congratulations to this week’s Fan Of The Week on The New 98.7 AMP Radio. This week’s Fan of the Week is Shannon and she is automatically the proud recipient of tickets to the next AMP Live concert! Shannon lives in Novi and AMPs all over town. Shannon’s day basically consists of the following: 5% eating, 10% homework, 15% sleeping, and 70% listening to 98.7 AMP Radio! Thanks Shannon! We really enjoy having you as our Fan of the Week! If you’d like to befriend Shannon on Facebook, she’s happy to tell you how she became our Fan of the week! Shannon is a committed listener back in November 2009 and she’s been to ALL the AMP Live concerts. She even waited in the freezing cold in December just to be one of the first in line to get a close spot by the stage. She wore her AMP gear, painted her face and brought signs! We love you Shannon!

Yep, that’s right, I turn on 98.7 AMP Radio EVERYWHERE I go! Once I went AMP, I never went back!

Vote on next week’s Fan of the Week below:

fanoftheweekfinalist 110sq ashley newboston Fan Of The Week: Shannon!
Ashley, New Boston
fanoftheweekfinalist 110sq courtney zeeland Fan Of The Week: Shannon!
Courtney, Zeeland
fanoftheweekfinalist 110sq emily westbloomfield Fan Of The Week: Shannon!
Emily, W. Bloomfield
fanoftheweekfinalist 110sq stephanie allenpark Fan Of The Week: Shannon!
Stephanie, Allen Park
fanoftheweekfinalist 110sq sana clintontwp Fan Of The Week: Shannon!
Sana, Clinton Twp

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  • Sana Usman

    Hi Sana u r an amazing u r soo special me u r the best Sweetie

  • Stephanie :)

    OH MY GOSH! i’m just really lucky i guess…ha i submitted my name ONLY ONCE. But thank you sooooooooo much 98.7 AMP RADIO! :D this really just made my whole week. <3

    • 98.7 fan

      u r hot as well ;)

      • Ian


        But it’s awesome that I know someone in this!

      • Stephanie :)

        so you should vote for mee, ehh? ;D

      • 98.7 fan

        i did plenty of times ;)

  • Ifrah

    Something is obviously wrong with this page. I’ve voted & had so many people vote for Sana, and each time instead of the percentage going up- it goes down So fixxx this please! :)

    • Staff Insider

      The numbers are steadily going up for all the finalists… sounds like you may need to vote faster or get more ppl! :D Good luck!!

  • Hafsa

    Hey Sana! You’re AWESOME. I keep voting for you but now it says take a cooling off period. When that ends I’ll still keep voting for you!

  • stephanie

    is there a specific time voting ends on monday morning? like 6 am, 7, 8..? thanks (:

    • Staff Insider

      We’ll cut it off at 10am.

  • 98.7 fan

    such a close contest!! i voted for sana of clinton township. she is HOT. if u r reading this. can i get your number??? ;)

  • Darian :)

    Emily<33! Im voting for you! <3 Taking a 'cooling off period' ;)

    • Emily

      thank you luvvie(:


    GO EMILY GO!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna T.

    yea shannon repsentin novi! congrats!

  • Gabbie

    I want Stephanie to win, she’s awesome:D

  • Clementine

    Oh go Steph!!! She is the nicest person in the whole wide world. She definitely deserves this. She is so nice to everyone and always does such great things! Vote for her!!! She also has really great taste in music and is very talented!

    • stephanie :)

      awww. who is this? thank youuu. :D i didn’t get enough votes, haha but it’s alll gooood because 98.7 still rocks for nominating me for this :)

    • Bakerchic322

      STEPHANIE ROCKS!!!! She is the BIGGEST 98.7 Fan that I know…. KEEP VOTING for HER!!! We LOVE AMP RADIO!!!! :o)

  • Lauren

    Yay Emily! You are Amp’s best fan!!!!

  • kacy

    oh yeah Shannon yeah! love you, and congrats guuurl :))

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