Michigan Potholes Online Tracker

There will soon be a new statewide pothole reporting system throughout the state of Michigan, set in place in order to alert and assist drivers of troubled areas in the roads. This reporting system will be initiated by a transportation advocacy group and the system will help drivers avoid tire killers, especially once winter is over, spring is near, and potholes are at an all time high, due to salt and plowing. MITA, , representing the construction industry said it will use citizen reports to create a map using Google Maps of pothole hot spots. It will also report its findings to state and local road agencies responsible for patching and other repairs. It might come in handy to check out this site prior to a days drive to work or even for a late-winter road trip. MITA executive vice president Mike Nystrom was quoted saying:

Driving on pothole-riddled roads costs each Michigan motorist an average of $370 a year, and the average pothole repair can run even higher… You can’t put a price tag on the frustration some of these potholes can cause.

Do you think this site will come in handy for you on a regular basis?


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