Are You More Attracted To iPads Or Books?

Retrovo Study

For those of you who bought an iPad hoping to score some brownie points with the opposite sex, sorry to disappoint you, but owning an iPad doesn’t make you a target for swooning. At least, that is, according to a report by Gadgetology. The study questioned consumers on if they notice other people’s gadgets and if so, how they react when they see them, as in, if you’re attracted to that appeal. The report results showed that 36% of men are attracted to a woman because of her iPad, versus 42%t liking a woman reading a book. As for the women, 29% like a man with an iPad, and 30% prefer book readers. Which are you? An iPad user or a book reader, and which do you prefer in the opposite sex?

  • jimmy

    ipad all the way

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