Duck Feet Nails…The New Manicure Trend

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Celebrities like Ke$ha, Rihanna and Katy Perry have been known to add a little self-expression to their digits with elaborately decorated nails, but the trend isn’t merely sweeping Hollywood, it has worked its way across the country into small town salons as well.

Duck Feet or Flare Nails ?  These two names are given to a type of nails that is wide at the end of the tips and gradually narrow down at the end.  It is extremely popular among celebrities and teenage girls.

This new wave (of nail art) has been around  about two years and was first noticed in Hong Kong,” she says. “In a nail expo in Japan and Tokyo….They use crystals, glitter, 3D and Hello Kitty!

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Proof that literally everything is in 3D these days, Nail Technician Expert Kandalec explains what the term means in relation to nail art.



“Basically it’s when you place anything that stands out from the nail — maybe a charm, a crystal or sculpted flowers made with colored acrylic,” she describes. “It can be anything you can find in a bead store, things that aren’t even really designed for nails. For example, the Japanese love Hello Kitty so we could use Hello Kitty buttons or anything like that which sticks out from the nail.”


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  • jenna

    that looks so stupid!!!

    • natalie

      i agree.

  • Erica

    that looks fkn retarted . – just saying .

  • jerry

    it looks like crap

  • Lina

    Whyyyy would anyone do this? Gross.

  • jan

    these nails look soooo gross why would anyone want their nails to look like this ,,,,eeeewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • txpeach

    i think its cute if done right be different

  • Ildi

    What the f is this? do u know what is the c curve?

  • jess

    yall some hatin a$$ b—-esss :) #just sayin

  • natalie

    this is sooo retarded. i swear what they make up these days is ridiculous! i have never seen any stars wear this without searching it up on google. please ladies, have respect for your bodies and don’t go wearing these stupid things

  • Dollieeeee

    Why you googling( or HOWEVER you found this) it forr ? If you don’t like it ? -____- haters LMFAOOO it obviously caught your attention ;) I LOVE EM :D

    – & WTF does it have to do with SELF – RESPECT ? #JC >_____>

    • isabel

      i love them an i cant wait to get my duck nail tips in =)
      an if u don’t like them then don’t look!
      ppl can put what ever they want on there hands mind your own!

      • estrella

        where did u get yours at ?

  • Jess Thompson


  • estrella

    its so different, why not try something new.

    I totally love it, i gotta try it. I wonder where can i get those nails in los angeles, ca. Any idea??

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