Poop There It Is – Luvs Diaper Commercial

luvs Poop There It Is   Luvs Diaper Commercial

There is a commercial I keep seeing on TV. Every time it pops up on the screen my stomach turns. Is it me or is this the most disgusting TV commercial you’ve ever seen?

POOP There It Is! Here is Luv’s 2011 Diaper Commercial featuring their new “heavy DOODY” protection.

  • emoslovepopmusic2

    its not that nasty but its pretty werid

  • Casey Warren

    I thought the commercial was pretty funny. I laughed so hard I almost did the opposite to myself

  • Ashtin

    It’s just you! I thought it was hilarious!!!

  • diane

    No it’s not just you–it’s really revolting.

  • Jason

    Their diapers are totally expanding! It’s disgusting. Although, strangely funny at the same time.

    • Denise

      I think the commercial is disgusting and should be taken off the air.

      • Harry

        I totally agree ! Take it off the air !

      • Mark-E-Mark

        Denise,… Grow a sense of humor!!!

  • Marianne

    this commercial is disgusting. There is nothing hilarious about it. I don’t know how it got on in the first place, the executives at this company are evidentally a bunch of morons.

  • Brina

    I absolutely luv this commercial…its sooooooooo funny!!! I can understand why it would turn your stomach, but I think its clever and cute. I hope this commerical makes the 10 list for 2011 commericals..And the song makes it that much better. I CAN DIG IT!!!!

    • Harry

      Imagine— Your song being picked for a commercial , and that’s what people see and hear together !! Lucky you !

  • slick

    This is just a disgusting commercial. Makes me wonder who approves these ad’s for the company.

    Enough is enough. I don’t want to see this god-forsaken mess on television.

  • Tonya

    I agree that it is an awesome funny commercial and for those who are complaining about such a commercial, Do you really have nothing better to do with your time come on what a better way to say how they feel about their product it is too funny! I do not have cable I am not home enough but I had to look the commercial up after my mother told me about it!

    • Stephanie

      Oh my god I just saw this. It’s terrible! How tacky. I can’t believe it was allowed on the air.

    • Jeffery

      Well, do you have nothing better to do with your time than to defend such a commercial? OK, now that we’ve accounted for our available time, can we stick to the subject at hand? I too agree that the approach to this message is crude and tacky. But, ALL commercials are designed to appeal to a certain target audience. There is clearly a demographic of bodily-function-humor-loving diaper-buying people out there to whom this low level of humor is appealing. Myself, I am more apt to purchase products that speak with a more intelligent level of humor.

  • Sonia

    I love this commercial!! Anyone with kids shouldn’t find it gross…it’s super cute and hilarious!!! :) it’s not like poop explodes out of the diapers…I think whoever made this commercial has a great sense of humor and it obviously catches your attention..unlike boring, traditional commercials. I CAN DIG IT as well ;)

    • trn2b2003

      Totally agree with you. More people need some sense of humor.

  • tippy

    this commercial is disgusting! Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be. The idea of a competition between which baby can produce more poop is disgusting. You’d think well paying adults could come up with something better.

  • cookie

    Apparently the one who is most full of crap wins. Quite a comment!

    • Greg

      Yup. Just like all the politicians, Democrat, Republican, Independent. Whoever is the the most full of crap wins. Reminds me of the bumper sticker that says “Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason”

  • MikeZ

    My wife and I saw the commercial for the first time about a week ago. At first I did not know whether to be disgusted or laugh. To see the babies fill their diapers with poop is disgusting and to see the facial expression of some of the babies as they crap their diapers is equally disgusting.

    What is wrong with the ad agency that created the commercial?????

  • JEC

    Even though it is somewhat disgusting it’s still reality to a mother. I’m not a parent and I did think it was slightly inappropriate for a commercial yet pretty funny. I still laugh every time I watch it. I mean…think about it..we were all once those babies. As cute as we all were…our mother’s don’t want to deal with our shit because of our blowout poop diaper fail. Just laugh a little! It’s not that serious.

  • trn2b2003

    I thought it was cute! Made me laugh!

  • tony

    this is a disgusting commercial. My grandchild is using pampers after seeing this. i don’t think kids should even see this. what is it telling them. i think the ad agency is full of s!?t
    for allowing this.

    • michael

      Hey Tony, you apparently didn’t see the Pampers commercial where the kids use the diapers as KKK hoods. What’s your grandchild gonna use NOW???? You guys are all prudes.

  • Gina

    No, this commercial is absolutely disgusting and unnecessary. Ugh…

  • Gail

    I too have thought that this commerical is in very bad taste. Not funny, not cute. Just disgusting. Took me a few times to really realize what was happening. That the middle baby did the biggest blow out poop and the diaper held it all in. That is just going too far. Somethings can be left out of diaper commericals. Gross. Cute babies crawling around in diapers, with a voice over telling us that they really work and such and such percent over the other brand. Or whatever. But this, uck.

  • ...

    after reading all these comments i have to say REALLY to both sides its not like its showing poop, or saying something inapropriate, or showing nudity or anything else like that. im not a parent or anything but realy leaving comments on a diaper commercial, and having arguments, ya great use of your time. if you don’t like it don’t buy it common sence. duh! (and ya i was bored im sick and nothing better else to do than this, whats all your guys excusses) geez its just a commerical, no biggy.

  • Robert

    First, Cookie, you are awesome! How poignant. Secondly, venting about something that is as prominent in our culture as advertising is certainly as good of a use of time as solitaire. Some of us are actually interested in the sociological implications of advertising. Having said this, I am sure that for you breeders out there, this commercial is absolutely adorable. You find your kids’ s**t adorable and that is your prerogative. For those of us who do not have kids and do not wish to have them, we find your kids’ s**t to be disgusting, and in turn, are sickened by this commercial.

    • michael

      Robert, I have a 5-year-old and I still hate crap and don’t find his adorable, nor have I ever. And before him, I wasn’t a fan of crap either. I’m pretty much anti-crap, all around. However, this is an animated ad that doesn’t even show the crap. Are “sickened” and “disgusting” really the best terms to be using here? Come on, people, use your words wisely. The attitudes of revolution against this commercial are more sickening than the content of the ad itself.

      • Robert

        Oh my goodness michael… lighten up. My comment was mainly playful banter, and I chose the exact language I wanted to use. This is a comment board not a dissertation so chill out.

  • Y

    It’s annoying, not funny, and dumb.

  • Brina

    Okay, I see I have to make a comment again….This commercial is genius and it is doing its job to the fullest. This message board is prime example. Just think how many people you have mentioned this commercial to. Imagine all the other people out there talking about it good or bad. There is something that commercial that can appeal to all groups. I don’t have kids but if I did I would buy LUVS just based on this commercial cause its the best and I must show support to counteract the haters…POOP!!!! there it is..OPppss I think it ran down my leg..GOT BABY WIPES???

  • Jen

    my three year old thinks this is the funniest thing ever…..since it makes him laugh, i love it!

  • Bob

    The premise of this commercial is ridiculous. Babies aren’t sophisticated enough to organize a pooping contest. Come on!

  • marilyn

    it’s funny …adorable..I was with a group of friends when we first saw it..we laughed..it is amusing…and you hard asses lighten up….I’ll bet they sell a ton…the guy or gal that thought this up has a real sense of humor…LUVS don’t let these nay sayers convince you to pull the ad…every one who has kids has to get a kick out of it

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