How To Creatively Open A Champagne Bottle

Open a Champagne Bottle with a Saber

Champagne has got to be the number one most consumed beverage on New Year’s eve and day. Most people just open a champagne bottle the way it is meant to be opened, by shoving the cork out with your thumbs. However, there are multiple ways to pop New Year’s champagne, one of which is to slice the bottle open with a sword (or good kitchen knife). Follow instructions carefully and be careful!!

1. Choose your weapon, a butcher’s knife will work fine. Have glasses and towels standing by.

2. Make sure you’r champagne bottle is very cold. Roughly 38-40°F at the warmest. Remove the foil wrapper and little wire cage. This will make for a clean break, although some say you don’t necessarily have to remove the packaging.

3. Hold the bottle at it’s base with the mouth pointed away from you as well as others and hold at a 30-45 degree angle.

4. There are two vertical seams running up the side of the bottle to the lip. That intersection is where the bottle will break the most cleanly, and that’s where you want to aim your sword swipe.

5. Action! Hold the knife flat against the bottle, blunt edge toward the top, sharp edge facing you. Hold the knife on the seam close to your body and then swiftly thrust your arm forward along the seam toward the mouth and be sure to hit the lip firmly and sharply and follow through like a golf swing.

6. If you’ve done step 5 correctly, the cork will fly out of the bottle with the lip of the glass bottle stuck around it. Pour your bubbly and say a nice toast. Now drink up!

Side note: Different bottle are different to open. Some take more tries than just one, for example, a French bottle, while some break more cleanly, like a SPanish bottle. American bottles open harder and less clean, but it can still work. Good luck, enjoy and Happy New Year! Video’s below on opening a French bottle versus an American bottle.


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