Take A REAL Vacation This Holiday Season

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email at1 Take A REAL Vacation This Holiday Season

Many people take time off work for the Holidays in order to spend time with their families or go on vacation to visit far away relatives. So when you leave work for the following week, you leave it all behind. I mean, it’ll all be there when you get back, right? Wrong. This Holiday season, more American workers admit that they continue to work from home and check their work email on their smartphones during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other Holidays, according to a survey by Xobni. So why not really unplug from work and take a true vacation? Habit? Job Security? Boredom? Not only do a reported 60% of employees plan to check e-mail while on “vacation,” but the breakdown of just who is planning to spend personal time over the holidays reading and responding to work e-mails. The traditional stereotype suggests East Coast and West Coast users are non-stop. On the flip side, the South is more laid back, with a relaxed attitude. WHat do you know… the stereotype is wrong again. 63% of Southerners indicated that they will be engaged with work e-mail over the holidays. Interesting. So do you receive your work email on your phone? If so, will you be reading and responding to those emails? If not, will you be logging on remotely from home or elsewhere just to check in on your work inbox?

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