Give And Give Back This Holiday

Macworld Holiday Guide: Gifts for Do-Gooders

This year, you’ve vowed not to give materialistic gifts that end up in the back of the recipients closet, right? Good. These presents do more than put a smile on a face, they help a worthy cause.

1) Recycle: Make use of sites and services like Gazelle, who pay you for your old technology. You can donate your earnings or turn it into another gift or giftcard.

2) Clean up your online waste: Even when you trash your old, broken tech object, many times it winds up in a landfill in Asia or Africa. Stop this from happening by working with the Blacksmith Institute who works to clean up the pollution left from electronic waste, which is estimated to poison or kill 100 million people. You can make a donation in someone’s name as a gift.

3) Emergency Light: The solar-powered BoGo Light from SunNight Solar is built for places where electricity sparse, like a closet or basement. BoGo is short for “Buy One Give One”  so you can purchase one light for $60 or $30, and SunNight Solar sends another to a developing region that doesn’t necessarily have electricity.

4) Choose Your Own Cause: There are plenty of online services that vow to support or sponsor a worthy cause somewhere in the world. Check out Global GivingChanging the PresentMercy Corps, and the World Wildlife Fund, to name a few, to see how you can give a gift, and give back, all at the same time.

5) Grow The Knowledge: Everyone knows Wikipedia is a free site run by volunteers with no ads whatsoever. Why not give a little to help them out?

6) Travel bug: Do you travel a lot for business? If the answer is yes, you’ve racked up some air miles. You can donate those miles to foundations such as Make a Wish Foundation and Red Cross to help out their workers and the people they serve.You can also donate your miles through Fisher House to help hospitalized American military service members and their families.

7) It feels good to help: ModestNeeds is a site that lets you give directly to those in need. For example, you can help a student buy a computer, a single mom catch up on utility bills, or a family pay the rent to avoid eviction.

  • jeannette cawley

    we are a family of six living on disability a wish for a holiday miracle to help fix our only means of transportation as a gift for the whole family. we never ask for more than we need and are just grateful to have each other, if someone could help in this time of need it would be greatelty appreciated. the younger kids were helped by toys for tots and the teenagers say they want nothing so no gifts needed, thank you ,jeannette

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