Bristol Palin Conspiracy Theory On DWTS

dancingwiththestarsbristolpalin e1289974751825 Bristol Palin Conspiracy Theory On DWTS

The Tea Party???? Vote For The Underdog???  There’s been a lot of conspiracy theorizing about Bristol Palin’s survival on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ even after so many clearly stronger competitors have been eliminated.

The prevailing theory is that Tea Partiers, rallying around a mission they’ve dubbed ‘Operation Bristol,’ are gaming the voting system and favoring Palin — not for her ballroom skills but because they’re political supporters of her mother, Sarah Palin.

Now, women’s site Jezebel claims to have evidence that conservatives are exploiting a loophole in ABC’s e-mail voting system to cast extra votes for Palin. Jezebel’s evidence, however, is far from conclusive.  The Jezebel article finds plenty of posts in the conservative blogosphere urging readers to vote for Bristol. That doesn’t mean, however, that conservative voters are abusing the system….but remember DWTS is much more popular and viewed more by Republicans then Democrats….things that make you go hmmmmm!!!

  • Fairness Princess

    Bristol, having improved at the final dance, doesn’t warrant a position over obviously over talented Brandy and Max! Bristol could make herself shine beyond the imagination by withdrawing, handing the third position in Finals to the more deserving contestants, Brandy and Max.

  • redheadwithpigtails

    Well duh Fairness Princess….butBristol DOES deserve to be there just as much as Kyle. They were both chosen over Brandy.
    Should Kyle quit too? Geez you are an idiot

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