Mom Finds Awkward Art In Pop-Up Book

book e1289756735680 Mom Finds Awkward Art In Pop Up Book

You won’t believe what Michelle found in a pop-up book. She found a piece of art that resembles something that definitely shouldn’t be in a kid’s book! It really shouldn’t POP UP!

innappropriate pop up book e1289756314521 Mom Finds Awkward Art In Pop Up Book

Is that what she thinks it is?


Would you flip out too?

  • Donna

    It’s a elephant trunk she is reading too much into it

  • amber

    ummm do you think your kid would really know what that is at his/her age ?
    & if not but you still dont want your kid to have the book just go buy and new book like 3 of them and then she will have a new and she will forget about that one

  • Fae

    There is no reason to freak out!!! It’s an elephant trunk! Maybe the artist should have curved it but adults have dirty minds!! Children are innocent….when children see that they will see an elephant trunk!!!! I work with children and I think it’s fine!! Drawing attention to it is the problem not the actual picture!!

    • H

      It’s a bigger deal than you’re willing to admit. Children are learning about sexual topics earlier and earlier. Just because you work with children doesn’t constitute your knowing of everything happening at all times. Children have older siblings that think it is funny to teach their younger brothers and sisters about things that parents might not necessarily approve of.

      Besides all of the above, it is just simply inappropriate and shameful that these ridiculous things are thought of as funny and something to just brush off and those people out there who have responses to these issues similar to yours are only encouraging it to continue. Whether the children realize it or not is not the issue. The issue is the Lackadaisical responses given to the problem.

  • Shannon

    I saw this last week online

  • star

    Lmao that looks like a johnson…i would freak 2 discard of it….

  • john in canton

    Depends on age of child. If child is above 5 yrs of age, I would pull book for him or her

  • michale

    i dont think the child would ever assume something like that they would only see the elephant just like in shrek there is alot of hidden adult humor that the kids do not think twice about. however alot of disney is inappropriate and meant to be seen badly by children

  • Kimberly

    Rip it off and make it a non pop up or throw it away. Children are very smart and pick up the most information from birth to age 5. They pick up on their parents, friends and sibling reactions and are sure to percieve it as such sooner or later. Just eliminate the perversion and make it G rated as it is suppose to be.

  • Clinton


    But honestly, its a trunk. The mother is making this to be a big deal more than what it should be. She is the one who needs to grow up.

  • Sarah

    Shouldn’t the nose have two holes instead of a slit? This makes it look like something besides a trunk!

  • Sarah

    Thats clearly an elaphant trunk. Does she honestly feel that her son is going to think that it’s something else? I think she’s just bringing this up for attention and its stupid.

  • allen bailey

    wow i am shocked wow…

  • nelson

    I think that mommy would like to have one for her

  • bert

    i wood just cutit out… and give the book back.

  • Bree

    Cough, umm, It looks very much like a penis to me! What the hell? I mean they could of made the elephant gray or something, I think they did this on purpose.

  • Brandi

    Okay, so it looks like a johnson….So, what?! I bet she still feeds her child hot dogs! You can’t hide every phallic symbol from children….that’s just immature action of a dirty-minded parent.

    P.S. if you read the text on the page, it makes the visual even funnier.

  • Hannah

    bahahaha okay i don’t care what you say that looks like a big something else. but i don’t think a child is going to see that.

  • Shayla

    wow she has a really dirty mind she needs to chill she gets it from the wrong angle and spazes wats her prob?

  • Angela

    it is definitely what it looks like! Reminds me of the Little Mermaid video cover when it first came out!

  • Brianna

    Yeah, I agree, it’s more than just an elephants trunk! All these smart comments are true. If it was an elephants trunk, they could of at least made it gray, with holes in the “trunk”. HAHA, adults can be immature too. Omg, if she’s really making that big of a deal about it though, cut the pop-up out, and make it a non-pop up childrens book, it’s seriously that simple!!

  • Nikki

    yes i would flip out too and bring it back to the store.

  • Carrie

    what an over reaction, it is an elephant trunk people come on! Yes an adult could see it another way but tell me what you think an elephant trunk in a pop up book should look like if this is not it????

  • mea

    well actually, the end of an elephants trunk isnt made like that nor is the color different. every cartoon trunk i’ve seen doesn’t look like that lol. It really does like a penis, look at the shape of it! c’mon ppl lol.

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