Keep Burglars Out!

201010251533 Keep Burglars Out!

This is actually a really good idea. It’s one of those things that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?” There is a new burglar deterrent on the market that makes it look like someone is home by having the glow and flash of a TV. However, this is a FakeTV. FakeTV makes this product by recreating exactly the sort of light produced by a real HDTV.  Viewed from inside the home, this is clearly just a light, but viewed from outside the home, and after dark, it looks like somebody is home and watching television. I think I want one. Both as a burglar deterrent and as a comfort device! Would you buy one?

  • Marck Koch

    We started a neighborhood watch group after we had some vandalism. As part of that, we bought a pack of 10 FakeTV’s, which the police office conducting the meeting recommended. It is always tough to say if any one crime prevention method worked, because you probably are not going to get robbed next week whether you have a FakeTV or burglar alarm or whatever. But, it was clear that the neighborhood watch group did work, because the vandalism problem went away.

    Me, I have a FakeTV, security system, and security lighting on all sides of the house. The FakeTV is the coolest, though– it really make you think somebody MUST be home. We use it a couple evenings a week when the house is empty.

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