Skype: Bigger And Better!

skype5betatuaw Skype: Bigger And Better!

Everyone loves a fun video chat, especially if you live, or ar travelling, somewhere elsewhere from where your family and friends live. A beta version of Skype 5.0 for Mac has been released, and it includes new features such as group video chat, Mac-style operations (all of the information and controls are now in one window), the integration between the Mac Address Book and Skype, and much more. Adding new contacts is much simpler than before, requiring just a search and single click to include them in your list of Skype users. THere;s now a floating dial pad that enables users to dial people directly or send SMS messages. But the biggest feature so far is group video chat. All participants in a Skype group video chat need to have Skype 5.0 or greater for Mac or Windows running on their machine. It appears that you can chat with up to three other people. This is great for me (and my wife loves it too) because I can see my family in Florida, here family in Oregon, and my brother-in-law in Australia, and it’s like a family reunion. There’s also a “push to talk” feature that can be enabled to require you to push a certain key combination to speak. It’s a tricky combination, but I guess it works for now: Control-Option-Command-Up Arrow. Check out the video for more on the new Skype 5.0 beta.


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