The Day Couples Are Most Likely To Break Up!

breakup heart The Day Couples Are Most Likely To Break Up!

A team of people recently analyzed the timing of Facebook relationship status updates and determined when couples are most likely to call it quits.

What they concluded: your chances of getting dumped are highest right before Spring Break, on April Fool’s Day, late June and July, and two weeks before Christmas.

Hmmm…peeps breaking up before hitting the beach some place on a warm island for spring break..go figure.  And no surprise that there’s a spike pre-holidays (no significant other equals no present to buy equals less money spent). And considering that men are most likely to cheat in the summer, the June/July splits make sense. But April Fool’s Day?!  That is just cruel…and confusing.

Another interesting piece of info: the day of the week when the most people go from “In a Relationship” to “Single” is Monday.  Hmmm…sounds like if you make it through the weekend you are in the least for another 5 days!

  • KP

    I had a friend who “broke up” with his gf (of like, 3 years) on fb on April Fool’s day. They were both in on it and everyone thought it was for real, but they wouldn’t give out any details. It turns out they both played a trick on their friends! If someone really broke up on April Fool’s that would be pretty mean, but I think it’s a pretty legit prank to pull on ur friends on fb! haha

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