No More Sony Walkmans!

walkman full 500x332 No More Sony Walkmans!

When was the last time you saw a Sony Walkman in a store? For me, it’s been years. Truth be told, I thought they stopped making those things long ago. However, I was interested to find out that after 30 years of Walkman production, Sony has announced that they’re are ceasing manufacturing of the beloved cassette player. According to Sony, the final shipment of Walkmans was sent to retailers in APril of this year and once those last units are sold, they are gone forever. However, Sony will not stop making CD and MD based Walkmans or flash memory-based models. Finally, Sony is getting in touch with their modern side and is pulling the plug on all outmoded technology. They retired the floppy disk in March. The first ever Walkman was manufactured in 1979 and Sony soldĀ over 400 million Walkmans worldwide until March 2010, and exactly 200,020,000 of those were cassette-based models. Crazy! Most people these days don’t even have portable CD players but have a version or model of an APple iPod or some other mp3 player. Did you have a Sony Walkman growing up? Do you still have one? If so, does it work? Maybe they’ll be worth money some day… I mean, leggings are back in style. Maybe the cassette-based Sony Walkman will be too.


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