What Would You Buy With $6.9 Billion?

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder What Would You Buy With $6.9 Billion?

We always see photos of famous people’s mansions, like Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta and J-Lo, but do you ever wonder about famous people in other industries? People that have so much money we don’t even think about it because they don’t really spend it? Below is a list of what Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO) Could Buy With his $6.9 Billion Dollars. Yes, that’s a 6 and 9, which means it’s almost a 7, followed by 8 (EIGHT) zero’s. Check it:

-Bill Gate’s House ($147 Million)

-Steve Job’s House ($8.4 Million)

-McClaren F1 ($1.3 Million)

-All 106 McCLaren F1’s ever made ($138 Million)

-12 Bugatti Veyron Cars ($42 Million)

-Paul Allen’s (Cruise Ship) Yacht ($200 Million)

-Doubledecker Airbus A380 ($315 Million)

-Boeing 787 Dreamline ($200 Million)

-A Large Tropical Island in South EastAsia ($10 Million)

-One Ton (Yes, 2,000 pounds) of Solid 24 Karat Gold ($43 Million)

-A Year-long stay at Hugh Hefner’s SkyVilla at the Palms Las Vegas ($15 Million)

-The LA Lakers ($586 Million)

-The Endeavor Space Shuttle ($1.7 BILLION)

Well that about sums it up. Only problem is, that’s STILL only HALF of Zuckerberg’s cash. WOW.

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