Time Traveler In Charlie Chaplin Movie Talking On Cell Phone

chaplin time traveler e1288359706569 Time Traveler In Charlie Chaplin Movie Talking On Cell Phone

As we all know, there were no cell phones back in 1928. However, an Irish filmmaker, named George Clarke has discovered something rather unusual in extra footage from Charlie Chaplin’s film, “The Circus”.

“The Circus” was filmed back in 1928, when technology wasn’t even close to what it is today. However, as you can see in the video footage below, a woman appears to be talking on a cell phone during the filming of the movie. If this really is in fact a cell phone, there really is no explanation unless this women is a time traveler….. Right?

Twitter and Facebook have been buzzing all day, with people trying to determine if the device that the woman appears to be talking into is really a cell phone.

Even if it were a cell phone, how on earth would she be getting a reception on it? If she was a time traveler from the future, her cell phone still would not operate without the infrastructure that exists today. That is of course, unless this women could have traveled to 1928 from a point in time beyond today, when cell phones could operate without cell towers.

These are all simply theories. Other theories explain that the device is not a cell phone, but simply an old-fashion hearing aid. Perhaps, the woman was having trouble with her hearing aid device, and is talking in order to see if she can hear herself properly. So far this theory seems to be the most believable we have heard so far.

What do you think. Did the filming of Charlie Chaplin’s film really catch a woman from the future talking on a cell phone, or is there a better explanation?

  • Brenda

    Why as the lady starts to fade away does the scene change from a zebra or horse to the shot of an elephant for a brief second then it goes back to showing the original street scene?

  • Charity

    If she were a time traveler, wouldn’t she be wearing more futuristic clothing? Her clothing dates back to the 1920’s.

    • Pauley

      Not unless she was trying to fit in with the time setting… but then again why would she be using a cell phone out in the open…

  • Nicole

    How could their be someone “talking” on a cell phone when there was NO cellular service back then?


    Ok lets break this down,the first battery readily available. Thwas the dry cell D battery produced in 1898 and the first mobile communication device was made available 1923 not to mention what people had been developing in their garage and in personal shops to try to develop a patent earlier.

  • Kia

    Well I listened to ur radio station on my way to work this morning and heard of the article above about the 1928 movie….I was thinking that maybe…just maybe….the film maker had the idea in his head about “WHAT IF”….what if the women looked to be talking on a hand held phone….OR maybe the lady was listening to a tape recorder..but I dont know if there were batteries back then let alone a light bulb…lol…Thank you for keeping me entertained in my car and home….

    • time traveller

      could it really be a time traveller? this world is so bizaare there are so many things man cant explain. I say, its a time traveller :)

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