Dirty Cell Phone Touch Screens

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phonefingers 600 Dirty Cell Phone Touch Screens

If have ever had, or currently have, the slightest bit of obsessive compulsive disorder for things being clean, Mysophobia, scientifically, then do yourself a favor and don’t proceed to read this article! I know, you can’t help yourself now, can you? A Stanford University study found that if you happen to contaminate your cell phone’s touch screen with a virus, then approximately 30% of that virus will then jump to anyone else who touches it. Then, without thinking, that person touches their face so it goes into their eyes, mouth, or nose. So think twice next time you hand your phone over to someone to show them a youtube video or a facebook photo. They could be receiving much more than just a laugh. Oh, and to creep you out even more, cell phones harbor more then 18 times the bacteria than a toilet flush handle in any given men’s restroom. Why men’s? I’m not sure, but regardless, your touchscreen phone is dirtier and germier than a toilet handle!

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