Whoopi And Joy Walk Off The View On Bill O’Reilly

oreilly the view 2 Whoopi And Joy Walk Off The View On Bill OReilly

The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were so outraged by a comment made by guest Bill O’Reilly this morning that they actually walked off the set in protest.

  • michellefrommadison

    Whoopie and Joy should never have been allowed back on the set or on that show or on any show for that matter. Their salaries are based upon them having conversations with the guests on the show, and they are both derelict as they refused to do so and willingly fled the scene. An obvious violation of their contracted terms. They both proved they are not capable of holding a discussion on things they can’t control the answers or explanations they both demand. Fire their butts and never allow them back on any show again.

  • Reyna

    Even if they get fired, they did the right thing. They removed themselves from a situation that bothered them, and I support them 1000% percent. WHOOPI’S MY GIRL!

    • MichellefromMadison

      Definite contractual violations, I hope they both get fired and prosecuted in Court for their confirmed violations. I would give them both a ten to fifteen year sentence for their violations. Case closed, as Nancy Grace would say.

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