Why Were You Unfriended On Facebook?

unfriend Why Were You Unfriended On Facebook?

Quit losing sleep over why someone unfriended you and come to terms with yourself. Just own up to the idea that you’re not perfect. Only kidding! If someone unfriended you due to any one of the reasons below, then maybe that person isn’t worth being friends with anyway! A new study conducted by University of Colorado Denver researchers has made a list to help you never be unfriended again! Researchers surveyed 1,500 Facebook users on Twitter. Crazy, I know, but the top list may or may not surprise you.

1. Frequent, Unimportant Posts

Your friends don’t care about what you’re doing every single minute. That’s what Twitter is for and even then, you may get un-followed.

2. Religion and Politics

If you vocalize your political and/or religious beliefs other than in the “info” section, you’re going to offend somebody.

3. Inappropriate Posts

Keep it PG please! If you’re constantly posting crude or racists comments, among others, then you can only blame yourself. If your mom, sibling or other relative shouldn’t read it, neither should anyone else!

4. Offline Behavior

57% of surveyed participants unfriended someone for the above listed reasons. On the flip side, 26.9% unfriended for offline behavior. That’s right, for not doing anything on Facebook at all!

5. Social Hierarchy

Just like in real life, there is also a social hierarchy on Facebook. The study found that those making the friend requests are more likely to be abruptly unfriended by the dominant half. In other words, you won’t necessarily unfriend your own mom, but you might unfriend that “friend” who requested you after a random club night.

Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook? If so, why? Let me know why on my Facebook.


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